Saturday, September 10, 2011

being a rookie isn't such a bad thing

So, over the last few days and nights I have come to a number of realisations (and no, I did not mean to spell that with a zzzzzzzzzzz-ed)

1. trying to be a hardcore, minimalist-dressed rockin-chic is actually much more effort-ful than effort-less.
2. it is okay to wear pale pink glittery eye-shadow, antique rose corsages, miss dior cherie perfume and floaty dress.....every once in a while.
3. it is not okay to wear aforesaid girly outfit with eccentric bows, epileptic fit-worthy glittered dresses and floral headbands ALL the time- this is just lame.
4. people whom i label as lame, are in many cases actually far from lame and, in even more cases, verging on (dare i say) cool.
5. i am a VERY bad judge of character...

6. being a rookie at something is not a bad thing.
7. making an online magazine about being a teenage rookie is damn cool.
8. Tavi is not a rookie. She is a teenage dream! (not to be mistaken with the nail polish by opi)and has actually created aforesaid magazine. (ch-ch-check it out here)

9. being a model would be an epically cool job, for the following reasons:
  • you get to wear AMAH-ZING clothes ALL the time
  • people do epic things to your hair and face and make you look like crazy reptilian monsters and angelic angels from jerusalem.
  • strutting down a catwalk to rockin tunes in new york and paris, while fashion gods like anna winter peer at you over their un-necessary but oh-so-chic sunglasses.
  • you get to wear EPICALLY COOL AND TOTALLY RAD clothes from EPICALLY COOL AND TOTALLY RAD designers whose EPICALLY COOL AND TOTALLY RAD clothes you most likely could never afford.
10. i need to be less shy and more outgoing, less awkward and more cool, like kate moss or erin wasson or the olsen twins.
11. the chances of me being compared or a-liked to any of the aforesaid people is about as likely as me becoming a top model. i.e. fat chance béb
12. aforesaid is a devilishly useful word, and if i haven't already over-used the heck out of it, i should use it more ofter.

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  1. I can see you as a model, definitely try it-Life is too short to have regrets. You are also so stylish. :) Love your stalker