Sunday, September 11, 2011

well that's a bit shi[r]t

it seems that everyone is doing their own take on the classic shirt.
people are getting shirty with each other
i say: 'keep your shirt on love'
however, it seems that everyone of these collared cucumbers have been taking off my very back.

oh dear sorry for the shi[r]tt-y humour.

i too am sharing the love and obsession for all things crisp and collared. sheer, drapy fabrics are appearing as highly tailored and beautifully cut shirts, all of which look like they have been taken from hanneli's wardrobe. which bring's me to my next list:

My top 3 shirt-rockin lovers
1. Karl Lagerfeld*
2. Hanneli Mustaparta*
3. Chloë Sevigny*

*Reason being; they all look unbelievably hot under the collar.
Here are some of my fave shirts from net-a-porter
1. dion lee
2. miu miu
3. a wang
4. proenza schouler
5. etro
6. christopher kane
7. the row


  1. love these shirts, gorgeous!