Tuesday, September 6, 2011

i heart [insert model name here]

I am not ashamed to admit my model crushes on anja, bambi and hanne-gaby.
i think i am beginning to realise that i have a thing for over-bleached hair, dark eye-brows and natural un-touched skin. all three of these gorgeous gals have such a heir of natural-ness and childlike naivety to them, and i am so digging that.

these pics pretty much sum up why i think they are so damn great.

images from a variety of sources- mainly my inspiration folder! i lol at my own creep obsession with saving everything i think is cool in a mary poppins-bag style folder.

OH and some ÜBER exciting news. today i got a new toy- a wacom bamboo tablet. OH SUCH FUN!

sorry for polluting your poor minds with such audio and visual drool. I couldn't help myself. feel free to flick through the model snaps to clear your mind and sooth your soul. serenading beautiful people always seems to cheer me up!