Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Katy Perry took me to prom

last friday night.... I went to PROM!
okay, so it wasn't a proper an all-american school prom with teenage dirt-bags and floaty angelic dresses, but it was a PROM none-the-less.
cutesy dress maker and lace-lovin lady petrove hosted her first ever 'Lady Petrova Prom' as part of the Melbourne Spring Fashion Festival, and just for kicks, I decided to bump along for the ride.
The lacey-frilled-bows of petrova's designs don't have a usual presence in my, dare-i-say, 'look' (whatever that means), but the gorgeous little corsage with an antique pink rose and lace band definitely made me smile and the epically gorgeous floaty dresses worn by the lanky models went much appreciated by me.
It was a lovely evening of punch drinking, swaying dancing and fashion festivities.

Oh, but what did you wear, I hear you ask?!
I opted for an electric blue collared dress- just floaty enough, yet edgy enough to keep my modernistic standards of dressing alive. The 'mullet' hem, meant that my legs stayed relatively warm and covered while allowing me to walk rather profitantly. I paired the dress with my super comfy jeffrey campbell lita's, skinny black belt, and leopard fur coat (i literally will go no where without my fur-baby!)

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