Sunday, September 4, 2011

a rittle bit shy

i realise that I have shown my face before, but i am feeling all internet-safety aware today and decided that you may prefer to look at a headless chook and roaring lion instead.

outfit posty-woasty

wrangler stud shirt, black circle skirt made by mumsy, mimco cowboy boots (although you can't see them, they are THERE!, myriad of bracelets and yellow swatch.

i am thinking that electric blue is totally hot right now, as in paris hilton hot right now, so am feeling the love for these two items: maurie and eve monroe short and sportsgirl bella mia pleat dress. so funky. so fab

Hope you kiddos had a more productive weekend than me. I somehow seem to have misplaced what feels like half of mine...

p.s i apologise for the un-broken monotonous slab of cabana like text, but i still cannot get the hang of html coding and the completely illogical interface that is blogger. please bear with my anti-techno skills as i slowly but surely be transformed into a technological teen and make my question-asking generation proud. at least i have mastered the art of epically long and impossible to follow sentences....

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