Wednesday, September 14, 2011


this is what is currently running through my mind when i start thinking about what i am going to wear every morning.
it is all about crisp clear white-ness, bright sparks of colour, wispy hair and clean lines.
i have already posted images from the wrangler lookbook, but it has become my fashion bible over the last few weeks, with just about all my outfit inspiration coming from these images. i will never get over the greatness of denim- especially shirts, and the whole white-dress-chunky-boot combo. what i didn't expect to catch my eye was the asymmetrical skirts and zig-zag references.
this alexandra black cuff has been on my 'have to buy' list for over a year now, and i think the time for me to purrr-chase is closing in.
dress-up just released their newest collection- grandiflorum, which pairs high tailoring with luscious leather and button down backs. the softness within the, ironically, hard edged designs is really lovely.
and, as usual, some white freshness from our friend mr a wang. his t-by-a-wang collections are always so crisp and clean. there is something so flawless about these mesh tops and sheer floaty fabrics.

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