Monday, September 26, 2011

in which i post my outfit

finally, an outfit post with less than crappy pictures.
today is a study day, so my outfit revcolves around comfort and something which i can crawl around the floor on. somehow i always end up crawling around on the floor on my study days- don't ask why.

so my outfit today consists of...

wrangler denim button down, dinky and slightly indecent knitted shorts from, the even dinkier and indecent mossman and my trust-no-fail docs.

and, no, i have not added some convenient sunny-day lens effect to these photos. the sun has finally decided to rear its head from behind the clouds and serenade our faces in glorious rays. the sun makes me so happy, and fills my head with warm inspiration and images of white flowy dresses with chunky black boots, long wispy hair and streaming balayaged tips- guess whose going to the hair-dresser tomorrow- YAY!

have fun in the sun kiddles.